Life Insurance with No Exam

Life Insurance with No Exam

By Tom Poblano  - Life insurance with no medical exam is becoming a very popular choice. If you need a policy in place , quickly and without having to submit to a Blood Draw, Urine Sample and Physical exam then a Life Insurance plan with No Medical Exam is the way to go! The life insurance companies that we use for No Medical Exam Life Insurance plans are all "A" rated. Rates , depending on your age, can be very competitive to fully underwritten medical plans. Yes, they will be more expensive but it is best to run quotes and compare. Our web site,, offers the ability for the consumer to run their own quote and compare rates.

Many people can qualify for life insurance without a medical exam , even people with some pre existing conditions. Most people can get standard Term Life insurance,  without any exam up until age 65. As you become older you'll start to see the life insurance process can get more complicated. Your choices for No Medical Exam plans will still be available but at an older age the plans generally become Whole Life or Permanent Life Insurance Plans.

Here are a few things you can do to help you get the best possible No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rate:

If you use any Tobacco products , consider stopping. 12 months is the timeline when you can start to see better rates. 

Eat Healthier and get active- Evaluate your diet. Consider what lowering your weight , cholesterol or lowering your blood pressure will do for your life. Not to mention that it could lower your life insurance rates. 

Life Insurance without a medical exam is possible and these plans can offer greats. Make sure you use an independent broker who can shop around and get you the best possible rates.

No Exam Life Insurance

No Medical Exam Term Life policies are available at 10, 15, 20 and 30 yr level term . The premiums are also level throughout the finance period.


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